Torrid Is Rebranding | BitchTopia

If you don’t know, Torrid is a clothing store who cater to bigger women without skimping out on alternative clothing and trendy fashion pieces or at least that’s what they used to do.
In a recent interview, I found out that Torrid was totally rebranding and getting rid of their plus-size alternative looks. Their excuse is that they are ‘growing up’ because their loyal customers over the decades have ‘grown up’ and they want to now grow with their customers and provide us with a more elegant/workplace friendly style.
The problem is that Torrid was alternative, they had edgy pieces that no other stores dared to stock, their jeans fit perfectly on bigger women and they weren’t afraid to be different, now, they are just turning into every single other plus-sized fashion brand by toning everything down and forcing us edgy fashionistas back to online shopping…
Interestingly since writing this article I have had a complete change of heart and wanted to continue on from this point.
I had a bad experience with Torrid, I was told I couldn’t dye my hair, have piercings or tattoos and had to dress more conservatively but since doing my research, talking to others and recalibrating I have realised that my bad experience was unique and I totally understand that not all Torrid stores are like mine.
Yes, Torrid has re-branded slightly but they still have a retro-chic section, they still cater to bigger women and they still stock some pretty rad pieces of fashion. No, they aren’t the same as they were back in 2003 but they are moving with the times and obviously, their demand for alternative pieces has gone down in recent years and they are just trying to keep themselves on top.
Yes, they still stock cute pieces they are just moving with the times and I can’t fault them for that.
I had a bad experience with MY local Torrid store and was told I had to be more plain and conservative but I now know that doesn’t go for every store and there are still employees out there totally rocking leather, piercings, colored hair and piercings.
I am sad that Torrid isn’t as alternative and punky as they once were and the fact that their unique pieces for bigger women are no longer available but as a fan of Torrid for many years now I can only applaud them in trying to keep themselves up there with their competitors and if that means re-stocking then so be it. I have no doubt that I will still find edgy pieces inside their stores, they just might not be as available as they once were.