Rockstars Prey On Underage Women | BitchTopia

This is something that has been going on for years and years and something that has been often overlooked by adoring fans. Of course, Rockstars aren’t the only ones to prey on underage women, but today I want to talk about them.
The women being preyed on are usually bowled over by the fact that these men taking an interest in them are their heroes, they don’t often see that something is wrong with what these men are doing and strangely neither do the public, these Rockstars get away with preying on young women because of their stature and because nobody really says anything.
Some of the biggest stars over the last century have been known to have sex with underage women and even write songs about it. Elvis Presley, Russell Hammond, Ron Asheton, huck Berry, Ted Nugent, Don Henley, Marvin Gaye, Charles Dickens, Bill Wyman, Sonny Bono, and Roman Polanski, Iggy Pop, these are just a few of the men involved in underage sex scandals.
The biggest issue is the manipulation and control that these Rockstars had over these young women. They got away with preying on these young women because nobody saw them as doing anything wrong, these girls obviously ‘wanted it’ and who cares? These men are celebrities when in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.
These men preying on these underage women knew exactly what they were doing and did so because these women were so young, so naive and would do anything for them. Once the women were no longer virginal and innocent they tossed them aside and opened their arms to their next victim.
Some people say it’s OK that these men preyed on young women because it was a different era (I am not sure how this would stand up in court nor how it is a great excuse but I am not here to talk about that), but it was never OK. Never has it been OK to have sex with a girl as young as 13, as a grown adult you know how wrong that is and no matter how adoring she is of you and your music and your career, she is still 13 and not even close to being an adult yet and these men knew that.
We all know that there are still people out there who prey on young people and it is still just as revolting
Saying it was a different era and that things were different back then is a pathetic excuse, a 13-year-old is still a 13-year-old and sex has always been the same. It wasn’t different back then it was just more of a public normality and something everyone let slide which doesn’t make it right at all. These women were used, exploited and taken advantage of by men who 100% knew better but still did it anyway.
I am thrilled that we live in a time where having sex with an underage woman is totally frowned upon, Rockstars can’t get away with it like they did before and there is more help for people out there who have been exploited. However, we still have major issues as a society and these things still do happen.