Pretty Is A Set Of Skills | BitchTopia

Being pretty is subject to everyone’s individual tastes and preferences, what is pretty to you may not be pretty to me but it is safe to say that being pretty is a set of skills.
Yes, there are people out there who are naturally very pretty but we can enhance that prettiness with makeup, hair, clothing and other choices.
Obviously being pretty on the inside is also a skill but being pretty on the outside is something we learn and being pretty with the help of makeup and other enhancers do take patience, time and skill.
Using lash extensions to make our eyes appear larger, wearing makeup to hide certain imperfections, wearing certain eyeshadow colors to enhance our natural eye color, straightening or curling our hair to fit in with the fashion and even wearing certain clothes to enhance our choices and figure.
Yes, of course being pretty isn’t all superficial but it is hard to argue that being pretty doesn’t require skill IF you aren’t completely and utterly drop-dead gorgeous naturally, not just with natural makeup.
Wearing no makeup at all often comes with comments asking if you are feeling well or if you are sleeping enough whereas wearing too much makeup you are told you don’t need it because ‘you are so pretty’. Wearing makeup, applying lotion, styling our hair and making fashion choices all contribute to being pretty which means that being pretty is a set of skills.
On the other hand, you could say that being pretty isn’t about what we look like on the outside but in fact all about who we are on the inside and whilst I do agree with that notion, being pretty on the outside does mean something to some people and being pretty on the inside does also require skill, being a naturally nice person, being respectful and courteous and everything else in between doesn’t come that naturally to a lot of people just like with superficial attractiveness.
I personally have been working on being pretty since I was a young teen, straightening my hair, applying eyeliner to make my eyes pop and working on which clothes work best for me and my body. I know how to dress up and down, how jewellery and different shoes make me look and I think personally that’s a skill that is learnt and one that. What do you think? Is being pretty a skill?