My First Interracial Sex Experience (She Blew My Mind)

I was a young guy, just starting out in my career, just moved to the big city and I will still establishing myself amongst my new peers.
I was never one to go out clubbing, I preferred getting drunk and gaming all night long with my friends but my new friends from work had invited me out and I knew how important it was to show enthusiasm if I wanted to get anywhere in this job.
Clubbing in the big city was alien to me, the bright lights, the party-goers you would never see again, the huge clubs and the vast amount of people you see. But it was nothing that I couldn’t handle, I was going to take this night out in my stride.
We all drank before leaving my friends apartment and made our way from club to club, it was great apart from the fact that I kept on running into the same type of woman, I wasn’t there to have sex with anyone I just wanted to get talking to someone new and interesting.
The night was still young as we made our way to the best club in the city, we queued outside for ages waiting to be let inside. We were all so excited when we finally got inside that we headed straight to the bar and then got dancing on the dancefloor. My friends and I were vibing, talking and just generally have a good time before she caught my eye.
I Saw Her From Across The Dancefloor