My Boyfriend Just Gave Me My First Throatpie (story time)

I am handing you over to a good friend of mine today, her name is Jessie and I just love hearing about her slutty adventures. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do – Jess xoxo
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My name is Jessie and although yes, I have done things that some people would never dream of I am actually still quite inexperienced in the bedroom and when my boyfriend brought up the idea of a throatpie I had to google it because I had no idea what he meant.
I learnt that apparently a lot of people get off on throatpies, it’s different from a blowjob. A throatpie is level with a creampie, it’s where a man cums so deep that it lands in your throat rather than your mouth. I wasn’t sure about it at first, I don’t have the best gag reflex and my boyfriend’s dick is quite big so I didn’t know how we would even do it.
My boyfriend was really excited to try it out and I wanted to try something new so I did even more research, finding out techniques, positions and just about everything I needed to know to make sure it was the best throatpie to ever happen.
The Night I Let My Boyfriend Give Me Throatpie
My boyfriend came home from work and I was waiting for him in our bedroom, I was wearing some floral lingerie I had bought a few weeks before. The material was sheer, exposing my pink nipples and hairless pussy.
He came in looking for me and was taken aback when he saw me sitting on our bed, his mouth practically hung open as he looked at me, he began unbuttoning his shirt, desperate to taste me but I stopped him and told him of my plans of letting him cum down my throat. He smiled at me, asking if I was sure I wanted to try it. I smiled and asked him if he was sure.
He growled at me and continued undressing, he told me he wanted to taste me before we did this, he inspected my new sheer floral panties and rubbed his hand over my wet mound, pressing his nose against my clit before pulling my panties down and over my legs, tossing them on the floor.
His head was now pressed between my legs, his own legs dangling on the floor. He moved his tongue and began licking my already wet clit, sucking on it and playing with it like it was a precious jewel. I moaned and pulled at his hair as he played with me, I felt like I was in heaven. He kept on sucking and playing with my pussy even when I told him that I was going to cum.
It took me some time but he loves to make me cum and squirt, he brought me to orgasm with his tongue, my entire body shaking. I moaned out loud as I came, my throat aching from the deep moans I had unconsciously been letting out. I came all over his tongue, coating him in my juices, my pussy pulsating, seeping its juices all over the sheets.
He slowly crawled up to me and kissed me on the lips whilst I panted and sighed. I got myself together and it was time for the throatpie.
He was already rock hard when I went down on him, going down on me always did this to him. I sprayed my throat with some deepthroat spray, it numbs it slightly so that you don’t gag which really helped me. I got onto my knees and told him to stand up, I took his cock with my hand and teased it into my waiting mouth, taking the tip in first before slowly taking his whole shaft in and out.
He was shocked how deep I could get it (this is literally with the help of the deepthroat spray), He gripped my hair and moaned as I took his hard shaft in and out, stopping only to suck the very tip of his cock and swirl my tongue around it.
I knew he didn’t want to cum yet, he wanted to enjoy it but he was so stimulated that I knew it was hard for him to even open his eyes. I went slower, really taking my time to run my soft tongue along his hard cock, looking up at him, his eyes shut. My nipples were so hard, my pussy throbbing, I was so turned on and actually a little nervous about my first throatpie.
I started playing with my boyfriend’s balls, gently squeezing them as I took his shaft down my throat, his legs were trembling now. I looked up at him and caught his eye, I smiled with his cock still in my mouth and he tried to smile back before whispering ‘Oh God!’. I kept on sucking the tip, squeezing his balls with my hands, and then plunging his shaft down my throat.
The real one went down my throat, this is just to give you an idea of what it looked like 😉