Interview with Siri Feminist Adult Star | BitchTopia

Feminist porn star icon ‘Siri’ has given her views on some controversial and thought-provoking questions and I wanted to share some of her answers.
‘Siri’ is famous in the adult film world and even more so as she identifies as a feminist and is involved with the incredible unslut project (which you should totally check out).
When asked how Siri got into the porn industry she said had always wanted to be in the adult industry since the age of 19, when she turned 23 and finished school and the idea still hadn’t gone away she knew being in the adult industry was for her and as she says, the rest was history!
Siri also highlights how she doesn’t believe porn to be a degrading experience, for her anyway, her experiences have all been positive and so have the experiences of a lot of people close to her. She says that if you go into the porn industry for a quick paycheck and a negative mindset then the chances are you will have a negative view of the porn industry but if you go into the industry with a positive outlook and a determination you will most likely have a positive outlook on the whole experience. Siri does also give a word of advice that we hear from a lot of veteran porn stars, she says when the sex and the scenes stop being enjoyable, stop. If your heart is no longer in it, you shouldn’t be either.
When asked about what she thinks about degrading words like ‘slut’ being used on camera Siri gave us a very insightful response saying that porn is fantasy, what you like on camera may not be necessarily what you enjoy in the actual bedroom. These words are derogatory if you allow them to be, most of the time with good quality porn these words are consensual and discussed before a scene. Unfortunately not all porn watchers are mature enough to understand that this is all fantasy and being called a slut in real life is not OK unless consensually discussed.
Siri also made an amazing point highlighting the fact that free tube sites promote bad quality porn and due to high demand these producers don’t always showcase the best practices and often their stars are degraded and unpaid. She says that if you want to avoid watching porn that promotes these sorts of practices you should pay for it, that way you know the stars are being paid for their work, it’s produced by people who genuinely enjoy what they do and you will get much better quality content. Ethically it’s so much better to just pay a couple of bucks and that way you can feel good that you are supporting a brand you love and the stars you watch.
Siri also mentions in this interview that she definitely feels like she is seeing so many more body types, races and genders that she was seeing before. At this point, Siri has only been in the industry for two years but she says even in this short amount of time she has seen a huge jump in diversity. People are finally waking up and seeing that it’s unrealistic to think every man and woman has these incredible doll-like bodies, that there are people out there that look like everyday people and that’s incredibly appealing, to both new and old audiences.
If you want to be involved in the porn industry she gives some great tips stating you must have a thick skin, a sense of humour, a good business mind, self-confidence and a genuine love of sex.
Finally, as a huge Harry Potter fan she was asked who she would have sex with from any of the films and she said a threesome with Professor Snape and Luna Lovegood would be ideal and probably incredibly kinky.