I Made An Indian Wife Cum For The First Time

I used to travel to Mumbai a lot for business, it used to be a few times a year for three weeks at a time and I always had a great time whenever I was there. The people, the food and the ease of transport all made it a great place to do business in and also relax in on an evening after work.
Now, one day, mid-week, I was heading out for some lunch out of the huge office building when I saw the most beautiful Indian woman I have ever seen in my entire life. Her skin was caramel, her eyes dark and mysterious, her hair long and silky and her entire sultry demeanor captivated me.
We began talking and she was funny and intelligent, she was like the woman of my dreams. She came along and got some lunch with me before we headed back into the building where I found out she was an executive who was to be working in my team this week so that I meant I was going to be spending lots of time with this fascinating woman.
I took her out for dinner that very night we met and we ended up having sex back at my hotel room. She was incredible, I had never been so aroused or enthralled by a woman in my whole life. I made her cum by focusing all of my attention on her swollen clit and she came right into my mouth and I left my own cum all over her gorgeous ass again and again. We knew I could never live in Mumbai and she would never move so we decided there and then that we would have sex non-stop on the three weeks of the year that I come to India. However…things aren’t always as easy as that…
Falling In-Love With An Indian Wife