I just got given a nude massage by the hottest man alive

Hi everyone, my name is ‘G’, and today I have been given permission by Jess (the owner of this blog) to share one of the most x-rated and titillating experiences I have ever had in my life.
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Massages have never been my favorite thing in the world, I don’t enjoy the intimacy and I don’t enjoy having a stranger rub my entire body but there came a time when I was desperate for a massage and I mean desperate. I had hurt my back at the gym and it just wasn’t repairing itself, my doctor told me to get a massage once a week and it should start to relieve the pain.
I would never have gone but I was in pain and I knew I had to get over the whole massage phobia thing.
I found a place that had great reviews and although it was quite a drive from my house I decided to go for it. Before I tell you about what down in that massage studio you must know that I had been single for more than three years, my ex-husband and I hated each other towards the end and since the breakup sex had been totally off the cards, masturbation had not as I loved to watch my favorite porn and use my favorite vibrator most nights but sex, in general, was not something I ever really desired.
Anyway, I turned up at the massage studio eager, slightly nervous, and just wishing my back to start feeling better. I walked into the dimly lit studio and was greeted by a young receptionist who spoke in a quiet voice and told me where I could store my things, completely undress, and once I was ready to choose a room and just relax and wait until a masseuse was ready for me.