I decided when my man cums with orgasm control and edging

I have recently been experimenting with orgasm control. It’s one of those things that looks really easy but it can take a few tries to really get it right. It’s all about having self-control, being in-charge, and knowing when to stop and when to let the orgasm out. My boyfriend loves me practicing with him and although I did use to give in quite quickly at first and let him cum when he began to beg, now I understand the power and what it takes to actually own his orgasm.
I’m now the orgasm control queen
I love edging my boyfriend for hours, I get him to the point where his precum is just running down his throbbing cock and I am using it as lube on the shaft.
Did you know that 88% of Americans won’t ever try orgasm control? They will never feel what it’s like to have your cum just uncontrollably spilling out of you and your orgasm more powerful than ever. It’s a crazy statistic and one I want to squash. Everyone needs to try it, you can even try it on yourself, you just need self-control. Below I am going to let you in on my step by step guide on how I do it and why I can now call myself the orgasm control queen.
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I start edging his orgasm with a slow handjob